October Scents: Autumn / Halloween Edition


Due to Singapore’s geographical region, clear-cut seasonal changes are foreign to us living here. We are damned with a mélange of erratic weather conditions. As a citizen of the scorching heat, humidity and erratic rainfalls, the absence of the spring, summer, autumn and winter take a toll on how holidays are celebrated here. It’s hard to fully engage yourself in the festive pleasures when the critical element that makes a holiday what it is, is missing. Despite the lack of the appropriate characteristics of my surrounding, my love for festivals and celebrations has never once wavered.

Halloween has got to be my favorite holiday. Though its not massively celebrated here and there is a distinct lack of enthusiasm for this festival island wide, the costumes, make up, decorations and booze are personally hard to stay away from. This year, instead of joining the few rampant Halloween activist at Clarke Quay, I’ll be having a placid yet spooktacular evening in my humble abode that has been fixed up for the occasion. I’m especially proud of this years Halloween candle collection that I’ve got on display.  

Drawing the curtains close, these scented candles by Yankee Candle make up for the inevitable that is beyond my control –that organic smell in the air, introducing the fall season and of course, All Hallows’s Eve. I admire the festive tinge of these candles. Burnt orange, apricot, mustard yellow, mahogany and a predominant berry blue color made up the shades within this collection; the perfect symbols for Halloween and autumn. The warmer aroma from these scented candles stretch beyond the usual scents I would go for. The lightly fragranced atmosphere swelled into a redolence of warm spices. Each of these five candles is an ally to the blend of cinnamon, pumpkins, apples and cloves. If you’re like me, a self-proclaimed ‘child of the sun’ craving for what I could only imagine as a crisp autumnal evening, these scents will charm that fantasy into reality.