Who is that girl?


My passion for writing on this platform came to a screeching halt the moment an opportunity to work from home arose. It presented itself with the compelling perks of being an easy avenue for me to earn some money whist being in University. As time progressively became scarce, I had to devote myself to my job instead of this blog, which I adored so much more. Finally, I capped the lid on that project, and with only 8 months till I graduate, I have vowed to recommit myself to my writing. With this newfound freedom, I am excited to use this platform to share all things that inspire me.

Although time has stood still on this blog, I have not. My writing has evolved, my interest have shifted and I, as a person am not who I use to be when I started this journey. Reintroducing myself through this post will path a way for new readers to grasp my individuality and for my sweet, loyal readers who have put up with my absence to identify and adapt to new changes.

I am that girl who will have her pelvis glued to the white sheets beneath her for hours and hours, while time passes as I clack away on the keyboard. I am introvert content with the monotonous solitude. But I am that girl who will strap on six inch black stilettos on Fridays and acquiesced in the decision to hold alcohol responsible for my phenomenal booty shake and unusual confidence on the dance floor. I am an avid beauty obsessor who finds comfort in binge eating and back rubs. I have made plans to take a trip round the world twice; the first time for the selfies, the second time to fully experience every culture there is out there. Sometimes I am a world renowned nightmare, but when you know who you are from every crooked freckle on your face to the values you firmly stand by, it’s hard not to be. Being of Chinese and Eurasian decent, you tend to stick out like a sore thumb. My diversity defies the modest standards I’m suppose to adhered to here in Singapore. But I can’t complain, really. I’ve had a good life for almost 22 years.

I am that girl who never fell into line with the wanderers. Not because I was a realist or that my dreams were too farfetched. To me, they were the people who were searching for a purpose, oblivious to their potential even if it was right in front of them. Though I am in some ways a seeker, I have a clear view of where I need to be and who I want to be. I’m that girl that is driven by passion, someone’s who is on a mission to create a life worth writing about. I have seen people who masked themselves with lies and deceit, thinking happiness comes in a form a paycheck. But I believe, happiness is realizing the dream I’ve been chasing is finally something I get to wake up to, not wake up from.