My New Little Stunners


Hello there good-looking! I was beyond ecstatic to find this little stunner in the post last Tuesday. I immediately ripped through the silver packaging and made these white tiles a working runway for a good 10 minutes –shamelessly strutting my 5′ 2″ body around. *WORKIN IT SNAP SNAP* 

I am not one to spend excessively on footwear, really,  though Ben is somewhere still 6740 miles away shaking his head, rolling his eyes and muttering “piss off missy” under his breath BUT I REALLY DON’T. Admittedly, this is my third pair of heels bought this year but none of the two before were the perfect suitors for a good night out.  Also in my defense, for the past two years I’ve sworn by ONE pair of six inches but they’ve unfortunately met their time. Alcohol stains and sick have made their home on that one. SO YES, this purchase was indeed ineludible. 

Before getting my hands on these bad boys, I spent hours online in pursuit of a pair of gladiator stilettos after a tweet of the exact pair I bought appeared on my Twitter feed. It was beyond me how I managed to pull of finding a dead ringer. I went in on the search thinking my chances were slim to nothing of ever finding the exact pair but one along the lines would’ve worked. I guess with a little bit of luck and somewhat of a miracle, this pair is now sitting beside my dresser waiting to go on its first night out. 

Usually, I’d go on to tell you where I bought the featured item blah blah blah but I made a promise to a few little birdies that I’d keep this one fashion outlet a secret. Can’t be giving it all away so easily now. 😉