Dtangler – Save Your Hair

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Time to get knotted up with another beauty favorite. Excuse the pun but it seemed rather fitting as an introduction. Onwards with the post, it is pretty repulsive, the nicest way to put it really.  Harsh, maybe, but you don’t know my rebellious locks like I do. The daily struggles I go through just to keep it easy on the eyes is laborious to say the least. Been dragging my feet for months before succumbing to the last resort of snipping it off, I finally found my salvation in Dtangler. Period.

The amount of chemical exposure has forced the diagnosis of my hair to be brittle, dry and damaged. Working a comb down it is a task that certainly puts me on edge. The disgusting amount of hair ripped from its roots after -you know it’s just a matter of time before people are calling you out on those increasingly obvious bald patches. That pretty morbid description of my hair loss problem might explain why I’m forever indebted to this product and I hope this post does it justice.

When your mind gets fixated on the pros that outweigh the cons, you tend to stick to it and are skeptical to change. That was how I felt about the big tooth combs I’ve stuck with for years. Brushes with close teeth gaps were just out of the question for me. So when I was handed the Dtangler brush my first instinct was to mentally dismiss it as a practical option for my hair type but with the mother constantly pushing for it, I reluctantly gave it a go. I guess it’s true when they say “Mother knows best”. I have tossed out my other combs ever since.

Despite Dtangler’s physical persona -packed on with frightfully tiny bristles, it somehow is so easy on the hair with little struggle to get those unnerving knots out. Without having the added pressure through the constant tugging, hair fall is undoubtedly lessened. You can take my word for it but there is also Dtangler’s in depth description that perfectly fits my experience. 

“What really is a Dtangler hair brush?”

Quoted from Dtangler themselves…

  • Dtangler™ is a patented design with bristles made especially to remove all knots from your hair, providing a pleasant hair brushing experience. Moreover, it makes your hair look smoother, healthier, and shinier!
  • Dtangler™ also offers a soft scalp massage with its soft bristles, which ushers in hair growth and creates an easy opening for blood flow, which helps with sensitive scalp and thin hair.
  • Dtangler™ preserves the volume of your hair by not breaking it, unlike traditional hairbrushes, which will tug and remove hair strands with each use!    

“Where can I buy a Dtangler hair brush?”

In Singapore:
Watsons, Takashimaya, BHG, Robinson, John Little, Metro, OG, SaSa 

Pick your favorite Dtangler design here.