This little humble abode

From lipstick pink to midnight purple, it was time to start playing in the big girls league of interior design.

2015 –the year I started a new adventure. University began and freelance writing was my only source of income. I never expected uni to be 3 days a week and only 3 hours of sitting through tired lectures. Basically, 80% of my life now is spent at home, in my room, dedicated to my writing for a piece of paper and for a minimum wage to get me through the days.

I decided to make it my life mission to revamp my space and turn it into one I actually enjoyed being in, despite the idea getting shot down by the mother a million times.

Of course, I had months of indecision over the colour chart. Grey, brown, and god knows what else were all on the list. Ultimately, I stirred clear from the bad temporary decisions and settled for a familiar yet very versatile colour –white. (I would like to think, it’s a reflection of me… lol jk *gags*)

So, this is my space. I can honestly tell you, I’m a bit more OCD with this room put together. I love how the wooden rattan baskets harmonize with the white and the neutral shades of my ornamental candles piece together a calm, serene and elegant vibe. Even the black for contrast helps to eliminate a perceivably “flat” demeanor of the room.

But anyone who’s anyone will tell you my three new obsessions that have sprung out of this little revamp.

  • I think I might have hopped onto the crazy train but that little green guy that rests upon my dressing table, yup… I’m obsessed!! It proves that an object doesn’t have to be alive to give a room life. Alright, that was a weak attempt to make a stand but I just love my plant!
  • I’ve been splurging in that little Yankee Candles store four stations down the road. I’ve had my room smell of Christmas Cookies, Lavender, Clean Cotton and French Vanilla in just two weeks and I know it’s not going to stop there.
  • My new sheets are like jumping into a puddle of heaven. It’s visually tempting with such earthy tones and textures. Shamelessly I am going to say; honestly I’m proud of myself for putting together that one.

And now, the pressure to end this post properly so I’m just going to go with “Hope you like the room, hopefully I stop failing on the blog updates and I love you all.” tchau! x