I woke up from one of those again. Those recurring dreams I remember so vividly. It all started 9 years ago for no reason I am aware of. Not only am I poisoned with one particular recurring dream but damned with three. Thought I kept my weirdness for the conscious mind but I guess the unusual ever so often finds a way to latch itself onto me even in my peaceful slumber.


The one I dread the most. I actually heard myself say a couple of times ‘not again’ in the midst of the dream. Basically, in the dream, I’ll be standing on the narrowest platform with steep drops everywhere I turn. Sometimes, I’ll be standing on a huge rock and sometimes on movable steel platforms (like those stairs in movie Harry Potter)  Then the formation of these huge tsunami sized waves start to form in the distance. I see myself standing there helpless and pathetic. Soon enough the wave is towering above me and I know I have to hold my breath and take the plunge. They come crashing on me, repeatedly, but I always come out still standing stationary at the same spot. These massive waves never seem to stop coming at me, I would just have to wait it out until my alarm draws me back to reality.

The house in the corner

You know you have been here one to many times before when you can describe every inch of the picture you create in your mind once you’re awake. From that road down a hill with a bend to the left at the end, to those two different paths up a hill, which the one on the right you must never take. Or even that winding path which is the scariest that leads me to this house. Huge and white, on the right corner on top of the hill. Furnished with tinted black windows and two white porcelain lions that perch on the gates. I’ve never been in there, but I’m always drawn to it in my dream. Always, on the outside looking in. There’s something so evil about that house and honestly it gives me the chills just writing this. But I ALWAYS end up there, waiting for something that never comes.

Down by the river banks

I’m never alone in this dream. Five or six of my friends that I know in reality would be there but have a different face in the dream. We’ll either be on a little wooden boat that could just give way on you or on circular blown up tubes cruising down the river. Sometimes this river takes me into a semi diminished old white house where we’ll still be cruising -going with the currents with no complaints. But at the end of our calm relaxing journey, two things would either happen. One, the currents go crazy and just shakes you till you find yourself awake or two, the water stays calm as you drift further down the river until the bank of the river divides itself into two, forcing you to choose a path. At this point I feel myself getting all flustered and stressed out. But I never had a chance to make that choice, I would  be rudely awakened by my alarm.

I guess dreams seem to say a lot of what’s going on in your life just in a more dramatic and creative way. I guess my fear of drowning and tons of choices I have to make sometimes overwhelms me and I take that with me to sleep. But who really knows the purpose of these recurring dreams. As long as it makes good stories to tell huh? Hah, spoken like a true writer.