Bali, Indonesia

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(Sorry for the rubbish quality photos. Had to use my phone since my camera was broken, or so I thought)

There were only two reasons for this trip to Bali, Indonesia -Dreamfields Festival and as much as I hate admitting this, Ben Conway. Though rooted in Kuta and left the other parts unexplored during our 5 day trip, the boys and Tika managed to catch some waves while I pampered myself with touristy braided hair, indulging in local fruits while lounging on beach beds. Stationed in the heart of Bali’s nightlife, it was hard not to fill our veins with towering amounts of alcohol each night.

On the third evening, Ben and I stole a cheeky moment by heading to Jimbaran Bay. My boy definitely outdid himself by planning a cheesy (but cute) sunset dinner. Awkwardly serenaded by a strolling band that came around each table to play sappy romantic tunes in return for tips in a hat. Dinner concluded with us feeling stuffed with the ocean’s catch while random fireworks lit the sky above the waters.

Dreamfields Festival is definitely worth raving over. Pre drinks started in the early noon which led to the rowdiest cab ride over to GWK park where the event was held. Yelling for a toilet midway through the dense traffic forced our driver to make a pit stop just so six of us could race to the toilets. More drinks were consumed at the festival and without my usual stilettos pulling me down towards gravity, I was able to last the entire night dancing

to Dash Berlin and a few others. Though ended abruptly, the evening was still amazing.

Next stop… Bournemouth, England.