Krabi, Thailand


SO KRABI. Though vaguely stale in my memory by now, I remember it to be so soooo surreal. The most impulsive, irrational decision ever made by two fickle minded beings turned out to be one of the best decisions ever made. The ambience was on point, indefinitely. Tika was just along for the ride and she got ignored seventy-five percent of the time while I just took everything in. Not a single building higher than 5 storeys, no fancy night life, everything was so… dissembled and I loved it. To be honest, we were a little mopey when we were ever so ‘gently’ reminded that we were more like castaways on couple’s retreat. But the alcohol made up for the ‘lack of a proper significant other’.



 Jetted through the waters on a speedboat to islands off the shore and getting major sunburns in the process for trying to brave it out. Dumbness kicked in on the third day when I decided sunblock was suntan. My intelligence always finds new ways to shock me, like “Hello Sonya, you’re going to be twice as dumb today and pile on suntan all over your already roasted skin just because…” BUT oh god, how we fell in love with Railay Beach and a particular tourist who descended from the heavens to tease the living life out of us. We named him, Railay Beach Boy (A+ for creativity by the way). Apart from the major flirty eyes passed with unfortunately zero exchanges of words, beaches beneath caves, that crippled over the waters were absolute perfection.


Now for the moments we were not to proud of during our stay. Got into a little heated argument with each other while trying to compromise on the paddling speed during kayaking was not a big moment for me to harbour over and also, me failing to prove I could be one with the crystal blue waters and every thing that takes it as home. OR how unfortunately loose Tika’s bikini bottoms were…. what happens in Krabi stays in Krabi.


We did a little bit of badass activities too. ATV-ing across rocky roads, like f yeah, I am so badass I will not even try to overtake Tika was the coolness level I was going for. We sipped on way too many Bloody Mary’s ordered in bulk during Happy Hour at our pool side and Long Horns kept the alcohol streaming through our veins every


Apart from everything scenic and touristy, we did manage to corral in a few digits. Usually, me being the bearer of everything exquisitely unsociable, let her guard down and decided to chat up some cool cats that we are still in contact with today. We had so so so much fun with them, combining the mix of cultural craziness.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a GPR getaway without getting ourselves into some form of mischief or in this case dramatic events that were ridiculously hilarious. Both Tika and I were like “WTF we did not just do that….” You see, when traveling with a bimbo as your right hand man, you WILL come home with amazing stories to tell your friends. I shall list it down, not going into too much detail as it would obviously mess with the entire flow of this post.

We got into a bike accident. Believe me when I say that, I am exaggerating our fall as we basically just plopped down onto the road. We weren’t even moving and both of us just fell off. We attended a birthday party. Who were these people?! GOD KNOWS?! We crashed some family’s birthday dinner and they sent us home on a bike. Three people to a bike. Jokes. The party don’t start till Tika & Sonya walk in, right? We thought there was a ghost in our hotel room. Literally dashed down to the lobby at 3am when we were drunk just to find out, our room card was faulty. Our british slangs were way off. Though we tried pulling off our usual ‘fake identity scheme’ we got away with so effortlessly in Attica, nobody really buys it when you blend in with the locals there more than you do in Singapore.

& my favourite part of the entire trip…