Twenty Fourteen

So this is it. A final applause for the year of theatrics -that’s how i’d describe it to be. Entering the new year surprisingly calm, collected and confident. Genuinely, I hold no grudges against the milestones 2013 brought upon me. Nevertheless, let’s take a short walk down memory lane.

Falling in love was perhaps the highlight of the year, though short-lived. Rediscovering new possibilities after, was mind-altering and indeed called for. I graduated with a distinction and lived like the world owed me no favors -partying way more than I should. I defeated the odds and exterminated any smog that complimented spite and hate. I witnessed a much greater world beyond our borders that rearranged my priorities. Gradually grew a greater bond with the people around me as I made progress to let people in again. But most of all, I catered to myself and nourished my growing independence.

And no, I did not set myself a resolution list to stick to this year. I find it pointless. One thing is for certain though, I vowed to accept anything that happens this year however unforeseen or abrupt. With a new job, rekindling a desirable love and sturdy friendships meant for a lifetime, 2014, I will dream you into reality.